Volunteer / Coach Sign Up

Volunteer Opportunities:

KCSO utilizes its volunteers in a variety of ways; all based upon the time and commitment the volunteer has available.  Some of the volunteer positions that we offer are:


  • Serving as a Coach:  We need coaches – no experience necessary!  The sports we offer are:  golf, track and field, swimming, rhythmic gymnastics, bowling and bocce. We would love to have volunteers who have talent in these areas to come out and help our athletes grow!
  • Coach Chaperone:  We utilize many of our coaches to escort athletes at events, stay in the dorm rooms when attending State Games and helping on event day. 
  • Unified partners:  In our Golf program we utilize “Unified Partners” – Unified Sports brings together individuals with and without intellectual disabilities to compete on the same team, allowing them to learn to work together and develop a lifelong friendship.
  • Volunteering/Assisting at KCSO Family & Friends sponsored social events.  KCSO plans several non-athletic events for its athletes that are run by volunteers.  These events include, but are not limited to:  Halloween Bash, Holiday Party, Karaoke Night and more.
How do I get started?

General Volunteering – Assisting at KCSO Family & Friends sponsored social events require no paperwork – just your eagerness to help!

Coaches, Coach Chaperones and Unified Partners – Require a background check, protective and concussion behaviors training. This is free of charge offered through Special Olympics Illinois.  There is also a communicable disease waiver to fill out and sign. 

Here are some general FAQ’s:

Is there a minimum age you have to be to be a coach, Coach Chaperone or a Unified Partner?

To be a coach, you do have to be a minimum of 16 years old.  Our junior volunteer coaches may start when they are 10 years old and are paired with an experienced coach.

What is the required time commitment? I want to help but don’t have much free time to offer.

That’s okay! Many of our coaches/unified partners are only able to assist with specific events, or portions of events, where others are able to commit the time necessary to volunteering to a committee or sub-committee. Many of our events our structured into 2 or 3 hour slots on a particular day. You don’t have to have an enormous amount of free time to volunteer!

Is there a form or background check that Coaches, Coach Chaperones and Unified Partners have to go through?

Yes.  The state requires a background check on all coaches, coach chaperones and unified partners – good for 3 years.  After this time frame – you will need to re-apply.

Are there any rules or expectations for volunteer’s coaches, coach chaperones and Unified Partners?

Yes, please click on the links below for the code of conduct for volunteers, unified partners and coaches and coach chaperones as set by the Special Olympics Illinois:


Please e-mail KCSO Friends and Family at kcsocomets@gmail.com